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The Creation of the United States, 1776 - 1786


The War for Independence

        The Patriot Forces

        The Loyalists

        The Campaign for New York and New Jersey

        The Northern Campaigns of 1777

        The Politics of the French and Spanish Alliance

        Indian Peoples and the Revolution


The United States in Congress Assembled

        The Articles of Confederation

        Financing the War

        Negotiating Independence

        The Crisis of Demobilization

        The Problem of the West

History and the Land

        The Northwest Territory and the Land Survey System of the United States

Revolutionary Politics in the States

        The Broadened Base of Politics

        The First State Constitution

        Declarations of Rights

        A Spirit of Reform

        African Americans and the Revolution

        Economic Problems

        State Remedies

        Shays' Rebellion








People and Events


Review Questions

  1. Assess the relative strengths of the Patriots and the Loyalists in the American Revolution.

  2. What roles did Indian peoples and African Americans play in the Revolution?

  3. Describe the structure of the Articles of Confederation. What were the strengths and weaknesses?

  4. How did the Revolution affect politics within the states?

  5. What were the issues in Shays' Rebellion? How do they help to illustrate the political conflict in the nation during the 1780's?


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